Hey Writers!

                If you’re trying to figure out your daily word count goals by dividing your total by 90, power to you! It will help if you fall into the higher end of the word count spectrum and want to stay on track but have to write more than 650 words per day.

                There are always exceptions to the rules, and industry standards change with the tides, but if you want a general ballpark estimate of where your book would fit among those similar to it, here are some ranges you can aim for in writing.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy: 100k-120k

This genre gets a little leeway for the amount of worldbuilding and development required to convincingly tell a story.

Memoir: 80k-90k

A lifetime is hard to condense, especially for our octogenarians, but keeping it within this range is ideal according to current publishing trends.

Adult Novels: 72k-110k

Though big books are certainly gaining popularity these days, for literary and commercial adult fiction, more than 110k words is considered lengthy. Make sure what you’re trying to say in an epic couldn’t be said as well as a novella before you start trying to publish your encyclopedia novel.

Novellas: 18k-40k

If it can be said briefly, this category is for you. Don’t feel your story has to be a minimum number of pages to sell, or that no one reads novellas. Many people only read novellas, but have no idea what the difference between a novel and novella is. Best Seller, Chuck Palahniuk, has several titles that fall into the novella category, so don’t use length as an indication of potential success.

Young Adult Novels: 50k-80k

Middle Grade: 20k-55k

Picture Books: 500-600 words

Keep Writing.


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